8 things to consider before you develop a website

8 things to consider before you develop a website

01: Domain

Choose a domain that’s fitting with your business and make it easy to remember for your users. 
Try to use a .com address because that’s the most common one and people rather trust a .com domain than something else. 

02: Hosting

Find a reliable hosting and choose the right package for your use case.
Is it a small website? Then you don’t need the super mega pro package with 500GB of cloud storage. 

03: Technologies

Take a second to think about what technology would be the best fit for your website. 
What programming languages will you use, does using a CMS system would make sense? 

04: Purpose

Write it down – what’s the purpose of the website you’ll build? 
Is it to showcase a business, is it a social platform or maybe an online shop? Write down the purpose and start building up from that.

05: Audience

Figure out who the main audience is and build a website that will attract that audience. 

06: Sitemap

What content will you have on your website? Make a flow chart or a mind map to visualize the structure of your website. That helps with prioritizing what should go on the first level of the menu. 

07: Colors

Colors affect the whole look and feel of your website and they also affect how users feel while being on your website. 
With knowing what your purpose is, you’ll have it easier to choose the right colors.

08: Layout

Start with roughly sketching out your website and think about what you want to show on the main page. 
It’s good to have the overall content being shown on the main page.
You can summarize subpages and display a teaser on the main site.

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