How to choose the right color scheme for your website

How to choose the right color scheme for your website

Choosing the right colors for your web presence is crucial to its success. Colors have an impact on the mood and emotions of your users and even influence their behavior. With the use of the right colors you can bring across a message without the need of using words. But what exactly is a color scheme and how can you pick the right one?

What is a color scheme?

In simple terms a color scheme is a combination of colors. Each scheme consists of one or more of the twelve colors from the color wheel. By combining them, you can create tons of different color palettes for any usecase. Keep in mind that different colors and combinations bring different moods.

Okay, but how do I pick the right color scheme?

#1 Color theory

Color theory is both the science and art of using color. Get familiar with it and how certain colors affect the mood and the emotions of the viewer. 

#2 Brand identity

Choose colors that are fitting to your brand identity. If you have a company that sells natural products for example you would go with earthy tones and shades of green.

#3 Demographic

What’s your target audience? Different colors can appeal to different demographics, so consider the age, gender and cultural background of your audience when choosing your colors.

#4 Tools

There are many tools online that will help you create balanced color schemes. With a color wheel you might get a better feeling for the colors and see how your selected color will go with a complementary color. (That would be the color on the opposite side of your chosen color on the wheel)

#5 Don’t use too many colors

Some of you might like it colorful, however the quality of your website should benefit and not suffer from the chosen colors. A too colorful website could lead to letting your website appear unprofessional, overwhelming and distracting.

#6 It’s feedback time!

Get some feedback and ask your users, family, friends what they think about the colors and how the overall image of the website appears to them. You might get very different answers out of that.

#7 Last but not least…

Finding new ways to get your message delivered can be a challenging thing but don’t forget to have fun with the process of trying out new colors and see how you like it!

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